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Gaming Apps Review: Candy Crush Saga


Puzzle game by King.com that is extremely addictive.  The goal is to match up 3 or 4 same colored candy to achieve a goal.  Goals include reaching a certain score, reaching a certain score by a certain time limit, reach a certain score by a certain # of moves, destroying objective pieces, and completing special candy orders.  You can play this game on your android or apple device.  It also can be played through facebook.


Free to play, but you only get 5 lives.  You can pay money to get more total lives.  You get a free life every 20-30 minutes.  You can also get free lives by asking your facebook friends for lives.  There are special items that you can pay such as unlimited time, extra moves, and starting with special candies.


Varies by stage and can range from easy to extremely difficult.  They always throw in at least one difficult stage for every ten games you play.  Each new kingdom presents one new puzzle problem that they present in the game which they will combine with previous puzzle problems.  This keeps the game fresh and extremely tough to beat considering the fact that you must take into account all the problems.


You can get more lives by watching advertisement.  Pretty much 1 life per commercial you watch.  It’s one way they make money off of you.  By forcing you to ask friends for lives, it makes Candy Crush a social game where the more you interact with friends the longer you can play.  Even if you don’t ask friends for lives, you have to ask them for tickets which is required to go to the next kingdom.  Time limit on lives, forces you into a habit of coming 2-3 hours later to play over and over again.  After doing this for a couple of days, it becomes second nature to log onto Candy Crush.


5/5, for being extremely addictive and rewarding if you surpass levels in which you were stuck on for 4 days.

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Restaurant Review: Taqueria La Original

Restaurant Review:  Taqueria La Original


Location: Inbetween a car wash and a loan office.

Atmosphere: Spanish soap operas playing in the background with minimal lighting. Nothing special about furniture and decoration. I don’t think they put too much thought into the details.

Service: Only one waitress there, since I came at 2 pm. I was also the only customer their. Service wasn’t the best, but I didn’t expect much going in.

Food: Free complimentary chips and dips were a plus. Chips weren’t too salty. Had two dips a red one and green one. Red dip was somewhat spicy and a little bitter. Green dip was sweet and tangy. Definitely like the green dip better. I ordered the 4 tacos plate with rice and beans. The beef was my favorite, then pastor, then barbacoa. Mexican rice was well seasoned and cooked thoroughly. Beans was also good, definitely made from scratch.

Price: Ended up paying $7 for the whole plate with a glass a water. Definitely will come back. Mainly because I enjoy their chips & dips and it’s so hard for me to find a Mexican restaurant that serves decent chips & dips. Trust me, I’ve tried looking everywhere in Arlington.

Overall: Definitely would recommend this place to anyone who wants authentic Mexican food for a fair price.

Rating: 4/5

(for address and phone # click on picture)

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Foreign Movie Review: Point Blank

Movie Review:  Point Blank

*Spoiler Alert*

Sypnosis: Fast-paced foreign movie where everyone’s not who they seem to be until the movie twist is revealed.

Male nurse is black-mailed into rescuing a convict from his hospital with a police on duty.

He quickly becomes associated with the bad guy.

Eventually we learn that not all the good guys are good and not the bad guys are bad.

Male nurse and convict decide to team up and exact vengeance on the “real” bad guys who happens to have the male nurse’s pregnant wife in their hands.

Final Thought: Since it is a foreign film, you should be comfortable with reading subtitles the whole movie.

Other than that, I don’t see any other drawbacks from this movie.

Story is unique and even though it might remind you of something you’ve watched before, midway through the movie it’ll throw a curve and forever change your mind.

No holes in the story, unless you don’t read every line and only then will you get lost.

Plenty of violence and blood, but most of it is necessary. Not thrown in just because they can like some other violent movies.

Definitely a good surprise from my initial expectations at the beginning of the movie.

Rating: 5/5

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Movie Review: Margin Call

Movie Review:  Margin Call

***Spoiler Alert***

Rating: 4/5

Synopsis: Generally what happens before any major crash in the stock markets. Company finds it is in a hole and proceeds to gets rid of all damaged goods to unsuspecting buyers to save its own ass.

Then it finds a scapegoat which could really be anyone. They just need to hand someone over to take the fall.

Workers are forced to sale all their assets. This leads to them losing their jobs, because they did such a good job at selling.

Everyone who is involved is nicely compensated whether you’re still part of the company or not. They pay you to shut up. They pay you to take the fall. They pay you to deceive the public.

Final Thoughts: Well told story of what may happen to any company when it has it’s back to the wall. Well acted. Demi Moore’s acting was the only thing that somewhat bothered me. Didn’t feel like she brought her A game. Never once did I get bored or lose interest. They always have you pulled into what’s happening. Only reason why I gave it a 4/5 is I didn’t like the way it ended. More like a personal opinion then anything really.

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Restaurant Review: Johnny B’s

Johnny B's

Location: close to 24 hour fitness and many other restaurants, there is nothing special about the exterior.

Atmosphere: Interior feels like an old, rustic, back in the 80’s kind of feel. I dig it. There are two garage doors in the inside.

Service: None. You order. They give you a number. When your order is done, they call your number.

Food: Delish. Nothing special about the fries, I prefer In-n-Out Burgers more. Burgers are small compared to twisted root, but for a guy with a small appetite it was perfect. Buns are made fresh and reminds me of nothing anyone else is doing. Definitely a plus. Meat patties are fresh and juicy.

MSG: I think they put a lil’ in their food. After eating it, I had a slight heaviness in my head which usually is a strong indicator of how much MSG is in my food.

Price: You can get a burger/fries/drink combo for about $8.50, which is to me a good price for what you get.

Overall: Definitely would recommend this place to anyone who enjoys eating burgers.

Rating: 4/5

(for address/phone # click on picture)

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