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Movie Review: The Yellow Sea

***Spoiler Alert***


A man is gambles owing millions to a gangster. He settles the debt by traveling to South Korea to assassinate a business man. He accomplishes his mission but finds out many people are after him including cops, the gangster, and a dirty corporation.

He is also searching for the whereabouts of his wife who has disappeared a long time ago.

All this chasing pushes the gangster and dirty corporation against each other. They butt heads and many lives are lost. The gangster gets the final laugh, before dying himself.

The man escapes to his home country on a boat only to die halfway on the trip with what he believes to be the ashes of his wife.

Final Thoughts:

The movie starts out really slow and ends slow. The best part is definitely the middle where he plans out his assassination and is constantly being chased by cops, gangsters, and people from the dirty corporation.

There’s definitely a feeling triumph as the two evil entities (gangster and dirty corporation) go at each other, devouring each other until nothing is left.

Good story, but takes 2.5 hours to tell it which in my opinion is too long.



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Movie Review: The Client

***Spoiler Alert***


A married man is accused of killing his wife, but no one knows how or where the body is.

The prosecutor has once prosecuted this man before of killing a high school girl, but because lack of evidence, they were forced to let him go.

The defending lawyer takes on the case but is somewhat unsure about his client’s innocence.

Throughout most of the story, there are many holes in the married man’s story that slowly gets revealed with further investigation.

Everyone is lead to believe he is really innocent until the very end, when a couple of things happen.

First of all, the defending lawyer brought up an exercise to look at the door just in case the supposedly wife comes through the door.  Everyone looks except for the husband.  Everyone looks because they’re not sure if she’s really dead or alive.  The husband doesn’t look, because he knows she is dead.

The defending lawyer’s investigator discovers that during the night of his wife’s death, he visited the same area that they had memories of in a picture.  There he learns that witnesses have seen the man carrying something into the river.

In the end, the defending lawyer approaches the guilty man demanding the truth.  He secretly records the confession on an audio recorder and later uses it to bring his client to justice.

Final Thoughts:

This is a very intelligent thriller that brings you on a emotional roller coaster from beginning all the way to the end.

If you love CSI or Criminal Minds, you will fall in love with this movie.

The investigation process is very thorough, but the crime that was committed was executed precisely leaving no evidence for anyone to work with.

Acting performances were top-notch.



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Movie Review: The Burrowers


***Spoiler Alert***


Western Sci-fi which takes place in a time where Indians and Cowboys are in constant conflict.

It starts out with a family being terrorized by what think are Indians.

The sheriff puts together a small army to find the family.

Soon they discover weird corpses that are buried underground by weird monsters called Burrowers.

Burrowers attack humans, inject poison into their bodies, and bury the bodies while the poison makes the human edible.

The only way to kill the Burrowers is with sunlight.

Final Thoughts:

The movie was quite slow during certain parts.  Anytime the burrowers came up, it got pretty intense.

I thought the back story of the burrowers was pretty cheesy.  According to one of the Indians, burrowers attacked humans because the “white” man has wiped clean all the only food source of the burrowers which is the buffalo.

I didn’t like the ending either because the protagonist finds out the only way to trap the burrowers is to poison them, but he never finds out what the poison is.  The only Indian that knew was hanged by the general.

It leaves you feeling that there could be a part II and I hate it when movies do that to you.



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Movie Review: Elite Squad – The Enemy Within


***Spoiler Alert***


This is a Brazilian movie that centers around SWAT teams that are meant to battle drug overlords who control neighborhoods and slums.

Within a prison that holds all the different drug lords, a rebellion quickly escalates where all the drug lords kill each other leaving the city without anyone to control it.

Dirty cops quickly see the opportunity and start to run the slums as if they were the drug overlords.

Dirty cops are taken down when the head of the SWAT teams finds out about their hidden scheme.  He takes out all the dirty cops and all the government officials.

Final Thoughts:

The movie is driven more by corruption in the police department and government officials then by action or gun fights.

The ending kind of leaves you feeling like nothing is really changed.  Certain evil men are dead, but in their place others rise to replace them.

Perhaps that is the point of the whole movie.



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Movie Review: End of Watch


***Spoiler Alert***


Two cops who patrol south central Los Angeles which is overwhelmed by gangster activity.

The two cops are the best of friends and you are immediately drawn into the tight knit relationship they have as they patrol the streets.

They are very ambitious and have a keen idea on where the next crime scene will be.

Eventually they start sticking their nose in places they shouldn’t be and quickly get on the assassination lists of a Mexican cartel drug leader.

Final Thoughts:

I liked the pace of this movie simply because they transitioned quite easily from funny conversations to real life drama and action.

You are taken along on many patrols that lead to drug busts, shoot outs, and car chases.

In between, you get to see how the cop buddies squeeze in a normal life just like all of us which includes dating, quinceaneras, and funerals.

The movie’s ending allows me to see how fragile a life can be even though you hope that good will always prevail.



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Foreign Movie Review: Point Blank

Movie Review:  Point Blank

*Spoiler Alert*

Sypnosis: Fast-paced foreign movie where everyone’s not who they seem to be until the movie twist is revealed.

Male nurse is black-mailed into rescuing a convict from his hospital with a police on duty.

He quickly becomes associated with the bad guy.

Eventually we learn that not all the good guys are good and not the bad guys are bad.

Male nurse and convict decide to team up and exact vengeance on the “real” bad guys who happens to have the male nurse’s pregnant wife in their hands.

Final Thought: Since it is a foreign film, you should be comfortable with reading subtitles the whole movie.

Other than that, I don’t see any other drawbacks from this movie.

Story is unique and even though it might remind you of something you’ve watched before, midway through the movie it’ll throw a curve and forever change your mind.

No holes in the story, unless you don’t read every line and only then will you get lost.

Plenty of violence and blood, but most of it is necessary. Not thrown in just because they can like some other violent movies.

Definitely a good surprise from my initial expectations at the beginning of the movie.

Rating: 5/5

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