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Movie Review: Pray The Devil Back to Hell

***Spoiler Alert***


Documentary movie recording the events of the peace movement called Women of Liberia Mass Action for Peace.

During a chaotic period of civil war within Liberia, the women of Liberia unite to end the war that has encouraged children to kill their own parents to partake in the war.

The war has given both sides excuses to rape, murder, and torture civilians as they travel through the country side.

It doesn’t matter whether the Warlords from the country come or the Militia from the Capital, they both abuse their power to terrorize the people of Liberia.

Through non-violence the women come up with ideas for peace which include withholding sex from their husbands, public protests, and pushing the both sides of the warring factions to have peace talks.

Final Thoughts:

The stories that the women tell of militia men coming through villages killing, raping, torturing sends chills up the spine.

You can’t help but sympathize for these women and at the same admire their courage for standing up against such a violent and evil force.

In a world filled with dominance through violence, it’s reassuring to see that a strong conviction for a future filled with peace can still outlast the violence that precedes.

Definitely an inspiring documentary movie.



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