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Movie Review: The Yellow Sea

***Spoiler Alert***


A man is gambles owing millions to a gangster. He settles the debt by traveling to South Korea to assassinate a business man. He accomplishes his mission but finds out many people are after him including cops, the gangster, and a dirty corporation.

He is also searching for the whereabouts of his wife who has disappeared a long time ago.

All this chasing pushes the gangster and dirty corporation against each other. They butt heads and many lives are lost. The gangster gets the final laugh, before dying himself.

The man escapes to his home country on a boat only to die halfway on the trip with what he believes to be the ashes of his wife.

Final Thoughts:

The movie starts out really slow and ends slow. The best part is definitely the middle where he plans out his assassination and is constantly being chased by cops, gangsters, and people from the dirty corporation.

There’s definitely a feeling triumph as the two evil entities (gangster and dirty corporation) go at each other, devouring each other until nothing is left.

Good story, but takes 2.5 hours to tell it which in my opinion is too long.



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Movie Review: Silmido

***Spoiler Alert***


A korean movie based on true events.

31 imprisoned Korean convicts are sent to the Korean island of Silmido to go through harsh military training.  Their mission is to assassinate the North Korean president.  If they succeed they will be awarded medals of honor and prestige of uniting the North with the South.

Initially the training is brutal and the convicts hate their training sergeants.

Soon, they both start to form friendship, trust, and unity with each other.

After many months of training, the lieutenant deems the company to be ready for the mission, but as soon as they are sent out the Korean Intelligence Agency cancels the mission.

The lieutenant is frustrated and meets with the higher officials only to find that the North and South are no longer at war.  This means that the band of army-trained convicts is no longer needed.

The lieutenant receives orders to eliminate his whole company, because they don’t want the world to find out that they’ve been secretly training convicts to assassinate the North Korean president.

The convicts rebel and die using everything they learned in the camp.

Final Thoughts:

This whole movie reminds me of how it feels to wait for something to arrive only to be disappointed.

You spend weeks and months preparing.  You are ready, but someone tells you to hold on.  You do whatever you can to kill time, but at the same time try to be ready.  The waiting slowly kills your excitement and you become de-motivated with every passing day.

Despite it being mainly about a bunch of male prisoners being trained by harsh lieutenants, there are plenty of emotional scenes.

Imprisoned men yearning to gain freedom and finally do something right in their life.

Lieutenants who are willing to sacrifice their own lives to save the convicts.

Convicts who hated each other are backing each other up.

The ending was very nostalgic.


4/5, mainly because I was un-impressed with the beginning.  Only when they started training and bonding was I pulled into the whole experience.

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