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Four Seasons Of Loneliness



A Leaf

A leaf hangs on a tree,

swaying back and forth.  She wonders to herself,

“Why is she stuck here?”  “Why can’t she be free like the birds?”

“The only thing I have to look forward to is dying and falling to the ground to die.”

“Is there nothing more to my life than this?”  As if to answer her, a strong gust of wind blows her off the tree.

It sweeps her high into the sky.  It blows her through the forest.  It carries her pass the lake.

And just when she thought it would never end.  The wind dies out.

She slowly drifts to the soft ground, her final resting place.

She rots away with all the other leaves.

A big smile on her face.




A dove flies by.  He sees a leaf.  He scoops

it up. He heads back home.  Where his friends wait.

The dove spots his friends, the jay and the wren.

Jay takes the leaf, wren welcomes the dove home.

Jay rushes to their nest, patching it up.

With the new leaf, their home is warm. Their nest

is done.  They sing, they cheer, they dance, they laugh.


Jay wishes she could fly too.  If she could

She would help dove do some of the hard work.

Dove said that all jays have trouble flying.

Jay would be putting her life in danger.

Wren says it’s best to stay here safe and sound.

Jay nods her head.  All is perfect.  Why mess

it up?  What is there to gain by flying?


All the birds go to sleep.  Dove and wren wake

up in the middle of the night.  They go

outside to admire the sky full of stars.

Wren says if I could fly, I would touch all

the stars.  Dove laughs.  Wren asks what’s so funny?

You can fly, so can jay.  All birds can fly.

Wren says why did you tell us we could not?


Dove explains, with you it’s simple.  I know

how much you enjoy staying home.  With Jay,

it’s something else.  She has a bad sense of

direction.  She would get lost.  Clumsiness

is also an issue.  Wren says jay can

be very clumsy, she tripped over her

own legs yesterday.  They both laugh out loud.


A small creak made both of them turn around.

Wren asks, did you hear that sound?  Yeah I did.

Maybe it was just the cold wind blowing.

Wren says, yeah that’s probably it.  They turn

around and continue talking again.

Back in the home, jay quietly goes back

to sleep.  Tears are dripping from her own face.

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